Vystock is an audiovisual content hosting platform available to users who are interested in acquiring exclusive rights to one or more video and audio clips.

When we are satisfied with the result of a meticulous production, we make video and music available to our users. Once the user downloads them, we remove them from the market. In other words, the content is for you, forever, and for no one else, ever.

We come from cinema and therefore we shoot cinema. Each shooting session has its own script and each actor has their own role to play in the Story. Whatever they do, they do it with purpose. This is how we achieve the effect of verisimilitude that characterizes us.

On the other hand, for the shootings that we have liked the most, we set up “Stories”, to which we add original music, which we compose especially for them. We produce full, coherent films. However, if you would like a separate clip from any one of our Stories, do contact us and we will do our best to cater to you.

We have only one, exclusive license for all our paid content. It has no expiry date and we intend to grant you the broadest possible rights with your purchase (see below the scope question).

At times, we may offer free downloads that grant a non-exclusive license on the relevant content. Aside from its non-exclusivity, every other right and limitation applicable on licenses for paid content also apply on free download licenses.

The assignment of rights is expressly provided for all types of communication (including decorative use), as well as advertising and commercial use.

However, the use of the content is subject to some limitations. The most relevant prohibitions are that:

      • You cannot include the content (both in the original format or the derivative work) in an online or physical catalog. That is, you may not trade the content as “stock” of any kind, at anytime, anywhere.
      • You may not use the content in a pornographic, defamatory, immoral or otherwise illegal manner. Additionally, taking into account the nature of the audiovisual content, this prohibition includes the use of our audiovisual content for the advertising and marketing of alcoholic beverages, harmful substances (such as tobacco), weapons and gambling, adult entertainment clubs or similar establishments, implicit or explicit support for trade union movements, partisan or any political opinion, as well as for any other purpose that may be considered illicit, illegal, degrading, obscene and, in general, that contravenes the laws, morals or public order.

If your intended use of Vystock content is not expressly provided for, but also does not fall under an express prohibition or limitation, we cannot oppose such use. In these circumstances we must advise you that, while such use is not prohibited, it may result in ancillary obligations for the user (see below).

No, you are under no obligation to disclose that you have used Vystock stock footage. However, if in your derivative work you give credit to other stock providers, then you do have to give us the same treatment. In such cases, you do have to acknowledge and indicate Vystock’s authorship of the corresponding content.

For a period of six months, we keep the audiovisual content on our servers so that we can replace the file in case of loss, destruction, deletion, suppression, or misappropriation by a third party.

If you have any problems with the file, we will try to solve it with our stored copies. Once this period has elapsed, we will assume that the content is fully functional and will proceed to delete our copies.

Yes, but we accommodate these requests on a case-by-case basis. Clips will be provided to you for testing and design purposes only and with limited dissemination. Please contact Vystock so we may evaluate your request.

When you play a “clip” on our website, in many cases you will see that it contains several “clips” linked by “jump cuts”. Usually it is the same actor, in the same shot, with the same angle and framing, although with slight variations in performance. This is because we want you to have all the clips from the same session that we consider to have very similar characteristics, so that you can decide which of them are best suited to your purposes.

In short, when you buy a “clip”, you will usually get several “clips” for the same price and with the same exclusivity in all of them. You will know if there are several clips embedded in one clip when you notice there are several jump cuts. If there are not, the video you have chosen has only one clip.

You can only purchase a clip that is part of a “Story” by requesting it via email. In that case, we will study your request, and if approved, you will be able to buy it separately.

However, as mentioned before, once you purchase a clip, we remove it from our website so that you can enjoy full exclusivity. This means that we also remove the “Story”, as it is when you make your purchase, precisely because it contains a “clip” that has already been purchased by one of our customers.

Please note that we can keep the “Story” for sale after modification if the “clips” available from that same session allows us to make an alternative edit where the purchased clip will not be included.

We deliver the piece of music as it is heard on our website. If a singer has participated in the piece, in addition to delivering the joint music and voice track, we will also deliver the voice track and the instrumental version of the song separately. If for any reason we have several versions, such as different lengths, we will also deliver them to you.

It is a video, film, clip, music, musical composition, melody, jingle, tune, photo or work that (regardless of the medium used and the genre) is made available to users for download on an exclusive basis.

In short, it is video, photo and music in multiple forms, accessible in digital format and without material support.

All of Vystock’s content is original and self-produced. You will not find our content anywhere else for the simple reason that we have created it ourselves.

In the creation of this content, we have obtained exclusive and unlimited transfer rights, corresponding to the actors, photographers, directors, musicians, and other participants.

Our license is similar to what is colloquially known as a “sale” of the rights, since it implies the exclusive transfer of the exploitation rights over the audiovisual content, although with some limitations. However, the license does not have any kind of geographical or time limit and most uses are allowed (see below).

This means that once you download the audiovisual content you have selected, only you, or whoever you want, will be able to use it. No one else will have access to its use, not even Vystock.

After downloading, we remove the content from the platform, so that no one else can obtain a license for that particular content.

Moreover, you can use it without any limit in terms of media and diffusion (but see the question about the user’s obligations): on the internet, social networks, television, radio or any other media not yet invented.

However, please note that we strive at all times to offer a catalog with the greatest possible diversity. In certain cases, there may be content that is similar or very similar to each other, or that, under your own appreciation, may be very similar to the content you have purchased. As an example, please mind that there are cases where we separately sell certain “clips” that do not form part of a Story, but have been shot in the same session. We try to make sure that these other clips are sufficiently differentiated, but you may think otherwise.

Vystock disclaims all liability for any damages arising from a third party’s claim for enjoying content that is similar to other content. The best alternative we can offer to avoid this potential conflict is that you purchase full “Stories” and/or all the clips that you deem similar to those of your interest.

By downloading the content, in addition to the extensive rights provided for in the license of use, you acquire some obligations. The most obvious is to pay the price and respect the limitations on use (see above).

However, you also acquire the obligation to conserve the original support of the work, since, after a certain period of time, we destroy our copies, which guarantees that only you will be able to use it. This preservation obligation is imposed by law, so we recommend that you do not overlook it.

Another relevant obligation is that, if the use is not the one expressly intended for Vystock’s content, i.e. commercial, advertising and communication, you are responsible for the equitable remuneration that may potentially correspond to certain persons who have participated in the creation of the content, as provided by Law.

Likewise, if you create a derivative work and in it you also use other “stock” content from providers other than Vystock, if in the credits you acknowledge the provenance and/or authorship of your content for those other providers, you will have to do the same with the Vystock content.

Yes, there are no restrictions or limitations to license transfers. You can transfer your rights within a project for your client on an exclusive basis. You can also transfer them on a non-exclusive basis and reuse the content for several different projects for several clients.

The only thing you cannot do is use the content for prohibited purposes (e.g. uploading our content to other “stock” platforms) or avoid your obligations to preserve the original audiovisual content you have downloaded.

In any case, if you transfer your rights, the new acquirer of the rights has to respect the same limitations and comply with the same obligations. These restrictions apply to all acquirers in the transfer chain. Successive transfers of rights from the user to third parties, and from these to other third parties, are null and void if they are not respected.

Yes, however the content will be of low quality and have our watermark on it. The “clip” will have limitations on broadcasting and cannot be extended beyond what is necessary to test if it fits your project.

When you buy an already assembled “Story”, you buy all of the “clips” that make up the “Story” at a discounted price. We will deliver the files with the edited video containing the original “Story” along with files for each separate clip that makes up the “Story”. You will receive each clip in two different formats to help you edit them with ease.

As stated above, our policy is to try to offer clips that are differentiated from each other, with enough of their own unique characteristics so that they don’t get confused. That is precisely why we make a selection of clips that we consider similar clips and join them with jump cuts, so that the user can enjoy true exclusivity in each clip.

However, we cannot rule out the possibility that there are other separate clips, from the same or another session, that may have similarities with the clip you have chosen. This may be because it features the same actor(s), in the same environment, with a similar theme, or may be from the same shoot. In this case, the only way to make sure that you have all the clips that you consider similar to the one you are interested in, is to acquire them all.

Yes, of course we do. We offer special discounts available when you download a certain number of clips. For example, if you purchase one full “Story”, the price will be substantially less than if you purchase each “clip” separately (provided we allow this for the particular Story). Likewise, we also offer discounted prices if you decide to keep the whole session (which includes more than the clips that make the Story). Please contact us so we can discuss your particular case.

In general, the music is linked to the “Story” it accompanies. When you purchase a “Story” and/or all the “clips” of a session, we offer the exclusive license to the music for a certain price. This means that, while the “Story” is available for purchase, the music cannot be purchased separately.

However, you can contact us by email if you are interested in purchasing any of our songs.

Each individual “clip” is delivered with:

      • The files in H264 format, 1080p resolution, 24 fps.
      • The files in a Prores format, in 6K, 24 fps, with color corrections and editing that can be seen when viewing the “clip” on our website.
      • The original camera files in BRAW, which is the RAW format of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, at 6K resolution and 24 fps. These have no color correction or any other corrections.
The “story” is delivered in a Prores format, in 6K, 24 fps, with the color and editing corrections that can be seen when viewing the “clip” on our website. Additionally, we will send all of the individual clips that make up the “story” in the same manner as mentioned above.
All of our songs are delivered in WAV and MP3.