We are María, Jose, Vicent, and Kopy.

María is a true film and advertising enthusiast. She has been a filmmaker since she was 20 years old. All she likes to do is shoot film after film, working on characters and their emotions, all while maintaining flawless aesthetics.

Jose is in charge of creatives and production. He believes that the best ideas are usually the simplest ones, and so he strives to turn the simple into the sublime. He also takes care of everything necessary to make a script become reality.

Vicent and Kopy are the post-production team. Thanks to them, the design, editing, color,  and grading, of each project is perfect.

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The whole team has been working in audiovisual production for many years. We recently found ourselves interested in “stock” videos. We used them often, but we rarely ever found the clips that fit exactly what we needed. Finding clips with a balanced aesthetic was a struggle and the actors were often not very believable, making the stories look fake. Not to mention that there was no guarantee that once you did find a worthwhile clip, you wouldn’t find it included in another publication just around the corner.

That’s why we decided to create Vystock. Our fundamental purpose is to make “stock” videos that do not look like “stock” videos as well as to offer to others what we were looking for ourselves: cinematic style footage licensing.

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