At Vystock we work with a new concept in stock video, which is that of complete exclusivity, in all its dimensions. Exclusive stock video means that our clips and videos are only for you, forever. However, the best way to delve a little deeper into the meaning of this concept is to put it in the context of what the market has been offering so far. 


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1. “Microstock”

The most common formula for marketing video stock is what is known as “microstock”. This is the most accessible, most affordable stock, with a relatively low price that varies depending on the intended use of the clip. For the most common uses (Internet and social networks), popular platforms offer a price of around $50 per clip, usually without any time or geographical limit. It is even possible to get clips for free (see our post “Best free stock video websites”) under the same conditions. But you won’t find exclusive stock videos.


Microstock: affordable prices and plenty

to choose from, but not exclusive at all


In “microstock” what the client usually wants is that the image looks good or that the context he needs to launch his message is present, without caring too much about the quality of the image itself and/or the artistic aspect. Using “microstock” is a method like any other to save costs in the internal and external communication of companies, but it has the danger that if the absence of technical or aesthetic quality is noticeable, the company may be damaging its own image. Another danger is that the lack of exclusivity may result in your clips being repeated in those of other companies, even competitors. 


Indeed, here we cannot speak of exclusivity to any degree, precisely because the model is based on volume, both for the author and for the platform, since this is the only way to compensate for the low price received by one and the other. Thus, it is common for the author to provide his material to several platforms, and for these in turn to offer it indiscriminately. As a result, it is not rare to see the same clips in different videos, of all kinds, from companies that are not connected to each other. Finally, another characteristic of “microstock” is that, although 4K content can be found, the most common format is HD. 


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2. “Macrostock”

What, so far, has come closest to a concept of exclusivity is “macrostock”, which, in some cases, also offers some possibilities of exclusive assignment, albeit limited in time (see point 3 below). In “macrostock”, the platform that markets the video stock obliges the author to provide exclusive content for that platform, in the sense that the same content cannot be made available to any other sales platform. Sometimes the exclusivity reaches the author himself, who is obliged to work with only one platform as long as his agreement with that platform remains in force. 


Macrostock: higher quality product,

with certain exclusivity


This usually happens on platforms that want to provide a more specialized service to their customers, or that want to distinguish themselves from others in terms of the type of content. It tends to be stock video where the clips offered in raw are usually around $400. As a counterpart to this higher price, the general rule in “macrostock” is that the clips have been filmed with good quality, with careful aesthetics and artistic features. These clips usually present the option to buy it in “raw” format, so that you can modify them comfortably to fit exactly to your needs. “Macrostock” clips are therefore more intended for higher quality advertising (e.g. television style) or even for the cinematographic industry. 


But the fact that the content is exclusive to the platform does not necessarily translate into exclusivity for the client. It is true that the number of potential users is reduced in this format, but all clients of that platform have access to the same video stock and can use it simultaneously, with no limit on the number of clients. The larger the platform, and the higher the quality of the clip, the more this risk increases. 


3. The extension of rights in “Macrostock”.

As we have already explained above, the concept of exclusivity in “macrostock” limits the number of potential users who can simultaneously access a clip, but it does not eliminate this risk, because all clients of the same platform can access it. 
The solution offered by some of these platforms is the possibility to “freeze”, so to speak, the rights of use, so that no one else can use the clip, for a certain period of time. Thus, platforms such as Stocksy, allow access to an extension of the reproduction rights, for a certain period of time, under which the clip is no longer available to the rest of the public. The additional price to make use of this time-limited exclusivity depends on the duration of the right, and usually ranges from $1,500 (for a 6-month exclusivity) to $10,000 per clip (for a 5-year exclusivity). 

An extended license allows you to have

a more exclusive stock video

The problem with this model is that there is no guarantee that another user has not previously acquired rights to the same clip and already used it. Moreover, in principle, there is nothing to prevent the previous customer from using it at the same time as the customer who has paid for the “freeze”, at least during the former’s utilization period. The exclusivity is prospective and does not affect previous uses. Furthermore, since it is limited in time, no one can guarantee that when the extension of rights ends, another user will access the same clip and be able to use it for purposes that, while legitimate, conflict with those of the previous customer seeking exclusivity.

4. Vystock’s concept of exclusivity

Being aware of the problems posed by the previous model, at Vystock we wanted to solve them by deepening the concept of exclusive stock video. In fact, we believe we are pioneers in this model, because when we have had this problem, that is to say, when we have needed true exclusivity in stock video, we have not found anyone that provides it. 
Our concept of exclusivity is so powerful that it has no less than three dimensions. On the one hand, we are exclusive because we take care of technical quality and aesthetics, bringing a cinematic and natural look to our shoots. On the other hand, our material is not available on any other website or platform, you can only access it through Vystock. Finally, our material has been filmed exclusively for you, because only you can acquire its rights. No time limit. Forever.


Vystock ensures a complete exclusive

video stock, only for you

Upon downloading and payment, the clip automatically disappears from our store, so you don’t have to worry about other customers accessing the same clip. With certain limitations (see license terms and FAQ), you can use it in as many projects as you want, for as long as you want, without any other client having rights to the clip. 
In short, for only 499€, you have a clip filmed cinematographically, in 6K, for you alone, and forever. If, in your case, what you need is a unique, “exclusive” video that highlights the values of your brand, and that no one else can have, come to Vystock. 

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